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 Visit the Sliema showroom whilst the Msida premises are closed for renovations.

The 700m2 Boris Arcidiacono flagship showroom is situated on 233 Tower Road, Sliema.

Opening hours are all day Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm. 

The three storey landmark showroom in Msida is currently closed for refurbishment. 

Boris Arcidiacono Limited awarded ‘Superbrands status’ title

Boris Arcidiacono Limited, a company synonymous with quality, style and excellence and a leading catalyst for a better sleep culture in Malta, has  been awarded the prestigious ‘Superbrands’ status for the first time at an event hosted by the International Superbrands Council.

Giorgia Comollo, president of Superbrands Italy, presented the company with this award which was received by the company’s Sales Director Gabriella Arcidiacono on the 26th of June 2013 much to the satisfaction of Boris Arcidiacono himself who was also present at the reception. 

Boris Arcidiacono held that ‘This accolade is an outstanding recognition for both the management and the staff’s ongoing efforts to further improve our service, knowledge and quality of products.”

“We are always striving to raise our profile and credibility and the fact that we are gaining recognition ahead of many other leading household names shows how far our organisation has evolved,” he continued. 

Superbrands is a global, independent institution aimed at showcasing, recognising, rating and paying tribute to the leading products and brands in each country. This award is granted by the “Brand Council”, an independent body of professionals in the areas of branding, advertising and marketing. 

The council takes into account the company’s brand image as well as the benefits which it offers to customers and its relationship with them. Participation in Superbrands is strictly by invitation and hence Superbrands has proved to be a guarantee of excellence in every country it exists. The second edition of Superbrands Malta awards the top 41 brands in Malta.